Filey’s Windmill Recreating an iconic building
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shutters   in   the   sails   open   and   close   so   varying   their   effective   area and   keeping   the   rotation   speed   as   near   constant   as   possible   despite the unpredictably fluctuating wind speeds. In   several   surveys   traditional   windmills   have   been   voted   Britain’s favourite   buildings   and   looking   at   these   photographs   it   is   not   at   all surprising.
Skidby Mill - Hull Burnham Overy Mill - Norfolk Alford Mill - Lincolnshire North Leverton Mill - Nottinghamshire
Lincoln Mill - Lincolnshire
Holgate Mill - York
Here   are   a   selection   of   beautiful   photographs   showing   outstanding examples   of   the   millwright’s   trade.   These   buildings   are   the   result   of centuries   of   practical   experimentation   in   ways   to   extract   the   last ounce   of   driving   power   out   of   the   lightest   winds   and   at   the   same time    require    the    minimum    of    human    intervention.    The    fantail automatically    keeps    the    sails    pointing    dead    into    the    wind    and